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Amazing Christmas Hacks

Yes, yes, we are only about a week away from having a strange man with a big white beard climbing down our chimney while his raindeers are waiting on the rooftop. As stressful as it may be to get everything ready for the big day (some of us may or may not still have "clean the house and put out decorations" on the to-do-list...), it is a wonderful time of the year. Here are a few Christmas Hacks that will make your celebration easier and/or more magical!

1. Use plastic cups to store ornaments

This is brilliant - why haven't we thought of this before??

Cups for ornament storage














2. Wrap Christmas lights around a hanger

Oh the hours we have spent trying to un-tangle those lights...! 

Wrap lights around hanger













3. Use pumpkins to make snowmen

It makes total sense to reuse the pumpkins instead of throwing them out.

Pumpkins as snowmen













4. Glue together two candy canes to make placement cards

And you can eat them, too, if you have enough room after dinner...

Candy canes for place cards













5. Create a Christmas chandelier by hanging ornaments in it

Actually, this can be applied for all seasons by just using different ornaments.

Ornaments in chandelier

























6. A waste basket makes perfect wrapping paper storage

A wine crate works too!

Store wrapping paper in basket

Wine crate for storage